Confinement Packages

Confinement Packages Confinement Packages

Dads-to-be, imagine what you will going to do in the next 28 days while welcoming a new-born…

Of course, it time for infant care and wife's physical and mental recuperation! ! !

Challenges now,,,HOW??

Don't know how to start? Looking for your mother or mother in law for help? Worried that they are tired, incapable . . Really Big head 😓

In fact, we know your troubles, and we can help you solve these problems. ✔️

In just 3 years, our centre has assisted more than 280 postpartum mothers. Some mothers do come back to us for their 2nd , 3rd,4th babies.  To know how we can help these moms, please keep reading

Our Professional Quality team works are consists of doctors, TCM, consultants, Nutritionists, nurses, caregivers.  We committed to made sure the Very Best Postpartum Care services rendered to both mummy and babies at every moment.

Our centre practising Breast-feeding Friendly, breast milk is the perfect food for babies. Our lactator will guide mummy the correct BF techniques, give massage to promote BF successfully.

Mommy stay in a private suite, attached bathroom, Queen Size bed, personal dining table, and exclusive TV programs to spend in this golden postpartum physical and mental reconditioning period.  The hubby may stay overnight here to accompany wife, and has bonding time with the new born.

Daily housekeeping, enable mummy has a clean and comfortable space.

Daily laundry, ensure mummy has adequate clean clothes to change.

Every baby will has a record book to keep track of their daily input and output, take temperature, Jaundice reading taking to ensure the baby growing healthy.

The caregiver will also carefully handles the used bottles, breast pump, and containers by Washing, disinfect, dry and store properly, stand by for use.

We will guide the mummy and papa how to take care of the baby.  So that parent will be capable, relax and pressure free to take care baby at home.

Parturient woman, pale face, weak body. We prepared 5 meals a day for mother’s nutrition balance diet daily need.  We here want mummy to get good rejuvenation.

-    Not to forget, we do serve the 28 days confinement herbal soup and the 28 days herbal bath for mummy to get well body recovery.  We will also provide unlimited Rice tea or Red date tea to supplement the moisture that mommy needs for a day.
Isn’t it great lehhh...?

Dad please Don’t sweat, think it must be Costly? 😰

Don't worry, be clam! we have help you to figure it out. We offered friendly completed confinement services alongside  with competitive price. Low booking deposit and with flexi instalment payment scheme!

''Relax, mother can also have a good confinement Rejuvenation''

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